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Title: Coal Geology of the Donets Basin (Ukraine/Russian): An Overview
Authors: Privalov, Vitaliy
Keywords: Donets Basin
Issue Date: 13-Feb-2012
Abstract: The Donets Basin(Ukraine/Russian) contain one of the major coal fields in the world with proven reserves in the oder of 60 Gt. The Carboniferous basin fill hosts about 130 seams each with a thickness over 0.45m. Coal rank ranges from subbituminoutous to anthracit. The thickness of coal seams currently mined is in the range of 0.6 to 2.5m. Production during 2001 was 83.4 mio.t. in the Ukrainian and 6.5 mio.t. in the Russian part of the basin. Coals seams usually have high ash yields(12-18 %)and high sulphur contents(2.5-3.5% ),but these data vary significantly depend on peat facies. C Coal mines in the Donets Basin are among the gasiest in the world. The average methane content of coal is 14.7m3/t, but numerous seams have significantly higher gas content. The high methane content present as severe mine safety problem. On the other hand,it represents also a high potential for coal bed methane projects. Coal and gas outbursts constitute another major mining hazard and account for many fatalities.
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