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Title: Force structure impact on the wheel module stability and oscillation process
Authors: Хребет, Валерій Григорович
Кравченко, Олександр Петрович
Вербицький, Володимир Григорович
Вельмагіна, Наталія Олександрівна
Keywords: words: wheel module, wobbling, force structure, oscillation amplitude
Issue Date: Oct-2013
Publisher: TEKA
Citation: Commission of motorization and energetics in agriculture - 2013. Vol. 13 № 03-08. Lublin, Poland
Abstract: The stability and shimmies of the front non-steerable pillar free to turn on two channels – the yaw and roll relative to the longitudinal axis of the body is analyzed. Offered approach close analysis of self-oscillation in the nonlinear raising, that enables to estimate stability in «large». The analysis of the typical system parameters impact on the unstable oscillatory region and oscillation amplitude is carried out. The approximation percent influence of the slip force and heel moment on the oscillation character is considered (analytical expression, relating amplitude of vibrations with the parameters of model, is got: by the moment of inertia of wheel in relation to the ax of turn, turning inflexibility of steering management, coefficient of relaxation, size of bearing-out and angle of slope proof).
ISSN: 1641-7739
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