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Title: Study of effect hard rock layer has on floor heaving in coal mine by finite element method
Authors: Касьяненко, Андрей Леонидович
Родзин, Станислав Владимирович
Kasyanenko, Andrey
Rodzin, Stanislav
Keywords: Mine working
Rock pressure
Floor heave
Hard rock layer
Finite elements method
SolidWorks Simulation
Issue Date: 28-Nov-2012
Publisher: 12th International Scientific Conference iNDiS 2012: Planning, Design, Construction and Renewal in the Civil Engineering Novi Sad, November 28-30, 2012. – pp. 375-382
Citation: Mine working, Rock pressure, Floor heave, Hard rock layer, Finite elements method, SolidWorks Simulation
Abstract: This paper presents the results of analytical study of the effect the hard rock layer has on floor heaving in mind by the finite element method using software solution SolidWorks Simulation (COSMOSWorks).In our experiments we analyzed the results of floor heaving with uniform structure. We made quantitative measures in relative metrics. The performance of limestone as a hard rock layer has been used, and claystone has been used as a basic rock in the model. Variations of thickness and layer depth of hard rock enables us to give more precise evaluation of changes in deflected mode which lead to displacement of floor rocks. The results obtained in the course of analytical research have qualitative value and can be applied in developing different criteria of evaluating occurrence and forecasting floor heaving.
ISSN: 978-86-7892-453-8
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