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Title: Study of floor heaving in the mine working of а coal mine by monitoring method
Authors: Соловьев, Геннадий Иванович
Касьяненко, Андрей Леонидович
Ястремский, Роман Анатольевич
Solovyov, Gennady
Kasyanenko, Andrey
Yastremskiy, Roman
Keywords: Coal mine
Mine working
Floor heave
Instrumental observations
Monitoring method
Issue Date: 7-Jun-2012
Publisher: 2nd International Scientific Meeting: State And Trends Of Civil Engineering GTZ 2012 and 2nd Conference GEO-EXPO 2012 – Tuzla, June 07-09, 2012. – pp. 549-556.
Citation: Coal mine, Mine working, Floor heave, Instrumental observations, Monitoring method
Abstract: The specific properties of the floor heave in condition of Abakumov Mine has been observed. Hard stratum floor has been discovered to be a major feature of floor heave. Results of this study have revealed that floor heave has occurred through four stages. They have been divided by features of floor movement and its deformation. It is established that floor heave occurs with a longitudinal asymmetry incurvation which vertical axis is tilted towards the goaf at an angle 35- 50°.
ISSN: 978-9958-628-16-0
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