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Other Titles: Застосування методу площ для ідентифікації параметрів коштлексу вагового дозування шихтових матеріалів
Use the area-based method for parameters identification of the weight dosing complex
Authors: ЖУКОВ, С.Ф.
Keywords: весовое дозирование
метод площадей
система визуализации
електротехнический комплекс
вагове дозування
метод площ
система візуалізаціі
електротехнічний комплекс
weight dosage
area-based identification
electrical complex
imaging systems
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: ДонНТУ
Citation: Наукові праці Донецького національного технічного університету. Серія "Електротехніка і енергетика". № 2 (15), 2013 р., 338 с.
Series/Report no.: Электротехника и энергетика;
Abstract: Рассматривается процесс автоматизации подготовки шихтовых материалов агломерационного процесса с заданной производительностью и качеством. В работе приведены результаты иследования электротехнического комплекса весового дозирования на металургическом комбинате С применением метода площадей для определения параметров объекта управления.
Description: For the sintering process is important to follow the weight ratio of the charge components in order to ensure a stable chemical composition. In solv- ing problems of optimization of dosing with sufficient accuracy to determine the ratio of the charge materials with re- gard to their chemical composition, moisture fraction included impurities. In this regard, the development of methods and means of controlling electrical equipment dispensing systems is relevant. The presence of delay in processing facili- ties worsens the dynamics of a closed system. Usually at a ratio tdel / Tob,> 0.5 standard control laws can not provide high accuracy and speed of the regulatory process. The main reason here is the sharp decline of the critical gain of the system with increasing delay in the facility management. Therefore, to improve the quality control can be either by re- ducing the delay in the object, or by using a more complex control structures. Identification - the first stage of an effec- tive system of control plant with delay. The object in the control - static with automatic compensation (variable process with a sudden change of the input coordinates seeks a new steady-state value). Identification of the object is twofold: defining the structure Wo(p) (structural identification) and the determination of the parameters Wo (p) (parameter iden- tification). The methods are based on the accurate identification of integral estimates h (t) by the successive integration of h (t) [xvh (p) = l / p]. Simoyu method based on the calculation of areas, the most effective and convenient when us- ing a computer to identify the plant in the active conduct of the experiment. To determine the mathematical description of an object using analytically developed structure of the object , and its parameters are determined in the course of ex- periments on site.To assess the quality of identification model the object using Matlab Simulink software product and visually estimate accuracy. The criterion for identifying or adequacy of the model and the Shelter is cross-correlation coefficient and the minimum cumulative score. The value of this coefficient always lies between 1 and -l, and the ‘'1'’ means 100% correlation in the literal sense. The resulting correlation coefficient (0.96) represents a high closeness of relationship models and conditions.
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