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Title: Распознавание формы растровых бинарных изображений плоских фигур с использованием морфинга контуров границы
Authors: Местецкий, Л. М.
Mestetskiy, L.M.
Рейер, И. А.
Reyer, I.A.
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: ДонНТУ, ИПИИ «Наука і освіта»
Abstract: In the paper the method of comparison of the images of flat figures is suggested. The method includes three stages. 1. Building the binary image of the figure by segmentation of the scene. 2. Construction of external continuous border of the binary image as a closed polygonal contour. 3. Comparison of border contours. It is suggested to compare contours using the following mechanical model. It is considered that the contours are made of wire. Deforming wire by stretching and bending the initial contour is transformed to the final. Such transformation is characterized by mechanical work. It is suggested to use the minimal work as a measure of distinction between contours.
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