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Title: Tooth wear modeling and prognostication parameters of engagement of spur gear power transmissions
Authors: Onishchenko, Valentin
Keywords: Gear transmissions
Specific friction power
Specific wear intensity;
Wear model
Synthesis of tooth wear profile
Prognostication parameters of engagement
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Publisher: Mechanism and Machine Theory
Citation: 2. Valentin Onishchenko, “Tooth wear modeling and prognostication parameters of engagement of spur gear power transmissions”, Mechanism and Machine Theory, Volume 43, Issue 12, December 2008, Pages 1639-1664.
Abstract: In this paper the wear model of tooth surface contact has been developed. This model takes into consideration the conditions of machine operation, corresponding tribological theories, the eccentricity of pitch circle and the instant temperature in the contact. The prognostication model of gear teeth characteristics takes into account the continuous influence of profile form on the contact parameters and the influence of parameters of contact on the profile form. The full model is done in the form of a package of computer programs. This model includes the kinematic model of tooth engagement with any form of profiles, the elastic dynamic model with four degrees of freedom, the tooth wear model for the boundary lubrication regime of friction and the model of synthesis of tooth wear profile.
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