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Title: An Estimation of PC Injection Efficiency in Ukraine
Authors: YAROSHEVSKYY, Stanislav
KOCHURA, Volodymyr
KUZNETSOV, Oleksandr
BRAGA, Vitaliy
Keywords: blast furnace
pulverized coal
natural gas
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: The 5th International Congress on the Science and Technology of Ironmaking (ICSTI`99) November 19-23,2009 Shanghai, China – Shanghai, 2009. – P.771-778.
Abstract: Replacement of metallurgical coke by pulverized coal (PC) injected in blast furnace (BF) tuyeres is a major economical challenge, due to the high price of coke and unfavourable effect of its production for the environment. On the base of the theory of full and complex compensation of changes of the technological parameters of blast furnace operation, the technological calculations for some metallurgical works of Ukraine were carried out.
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