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Title: Формирование траектории переключения фазных обмоток вентильно-реактивного двигателя
Other Titles: The shapes of trajectory of switching phases windings for switched reluctance motor
Authors: Васильев, Леонид Александрович
Мнускин, Юрий Витальевич
Vasiliev, Leonid
Mnuskin, Yuriy
Keywords: вентильный реактивный двигатель
switched reluctance motor
формирование тока
shaping of current
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: ДонНТУ
Citation: Сборник научных трудов ДонГТУ. Серия: Электротехника и энергетика, выпуск 4. - С. 90-94
Abstract: The problems of shaping current in windings of phases switched reluctance motor (SRM) are considered with the purpose of a diminution of pulsing and magnification of average value of a torque. The mathematical model SRM and power converter is circumscribed, in which the parameters of an experienced sample SRM are incorporated. The conclusions about features of shaping of a current on low and high angular speeds are made.
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