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Title: Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry
Other Titles: Линейная алгебра и аналитическая геометрия
Authors: Kosolapov, Jury
Косолапов, Юрий Федорович
Keywords: real number
complex number
system of linear algebraic equations
matrix rank
analytic geometry
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Dlnetsk, DonNTU
Citation: Elementary mathematics. Complex numbers and polynomials. Determinants, matrices and systems of linear algebraic equations. Analytic geometry on the plane. Vectors. Space analytic geometry
Abstract: The book deals with some fundamental topics of the cours of higher mathematics of technical colleges: elements of elementary mathematics, complex numbers, mappings, functions, elementary functions, complex numbers, determinants and matrices, systems of linear algebraic equations, matrix rank, eigen values and vectors, analytic geometry on the plane and in the space, vectors, vector products. There are numerous applications of these topics. Every chapter is finished by English-Ukrainian-Russion dictionary of main terms and simplest terminological combinations.
Description: There are paper and electronic variants of the book in the librare of DonNTU
ISSN: UDC 512.1+512.64+514.11+514.122+514.123(071)
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