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Other Titles: Optical-electronic methods of redundant measurements of temperature
Authors: Кондратов, В.Т.
Зарницына, А.А.
Сердюк, Н.М.
Kondratov, V.T.
Zarnicina, A.A.
Serduk, N.M.
Keywords: оптико-электронные методы
уравнения избыточных измерений
энергетический метод
спектральный метод
энергетическая яркость
закон Вина
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: ДонНТУ
Description: In operation the essence of optical-- electronic methods of redundant measurements of temperature of heated ph is considered. Is developed and the classification of these methods is circumscribed. The operation is of interest for the experts in the field of noncontact methods of measurement of temperature of heated bodies and objects
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