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Other Titles: Representation of control systems in function spaces
Authors: Криводубский, О.А.
Krivodubskiy, O.
Keywords: система управления
трехортовое пространство Фельдбаума
сходимость процедур управления
функциональное пространство
Issue Date: 2003
Description: In the given activity for threeorts of space Feldbaum the representation by the way of sets is given, members which one are the characteristics of object of control, information on them and requirement to object of control. The members are esteemed as multidimensional vector functions. Let's conduct systems analysis of figures derivated on planes. For the purposes of a quantification for considered sets are entered the metrics and norm conversing them to the spaces Banah. Such approach allows to determine a management efficiency estimated on change of a volume of a threedimensional figure, describing a system. The article is intended for the specialists executing scientific and practical control engineerings. Keywords: a unit, metrics, norm, set, characteristic, model, information, requirement
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