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Authors: Rogozin, G. G.
Osipov, D. Y.
Keywords: problem of the IM eccentricity
Disposition of transducers at the motor test bench
Maintenance diagnostics of an IM exhibiting
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: ДонНТУ
Citation: Наукові праці Донецького національного технічного університету. Серія: “Електротехніка і енергетика”, випуск 8 (140). - Донецьк: ДВНЗ «ДонНТУ», 2008. – 251 с.
Series/Report no.: Електротехніка і енергетика;випуск 8 (140)
Abstract: The paper is devoted to the first step in the sphere of experimental investigations of the induction motors’ (IM) eccentricity problem by the use of uniform displacement of the rotor centerline in the stator bore under the no-load and breaking conditions. The changes in the stator voltage and rotor current, the voltage drop along rotor shaft and the EMF induced in the search coil by the leakage magnetic flux at the free butt of motor shaft have been analyzed. Two performance criteria demonstrated can be proposed for practical application.
Description: The problem of the IM eccentricity is a subject of much current interest because there are no proven ways for carrying out the periodical air gap measurements in the course of their operation. It is obvious that the model motor designed for operation at the various air gap positions should be redesigned. In case being considered the motor shields were reconstructed to ensure, within certain limits, the rotor position changes in the stator bore. The purpose to be achieved should be supplemented by possibility of measuring the rotor currents.
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