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Authors: Святний, В.А.
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Донецький національний технічний університет
Citation: Наукові праці Донецького національного технічного університету. Серiя «Проблеми моделювання та автоматизації проектування» (МАП-2006). Випуск: 5(116) - Донецьк: ДонНТУ. - 2006. – 202 с.
Series/Report no.: Проблеми моделювання та автоматизації проектування;
Abstract: Parallel simulation of complex lumped-parameter dynamic systems (LPDS) and distributed parameter dynamic systems (DPDS) is an interdisciplinary problem. To solve this problem the author suggests a concept of distributed parallel simulation environment (DPSE). This environment is a new form of simulation means system organization. The article considers peculiarities of SIMD and MIMD environment components. The construction of problem-oriented parallel simulation environments in different problem domains is an important progress in experience accumulation for solving engineering problems. DPSE decomposition into subsystems, development of virtual simulation models and their devirtualization speed up the using of parallel modeling and simulation in scientific, industrial, business and educational researches. The all-inclusive solution of parallel simulation problems in cooperation with foreign scientists and universities is an essential integration factor into European and global scientific and educational environment.
ISSN: 2074-7888
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