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Title: Distribution of Mechanical Properties by Volume in Titanium Billets Processed by Twist Extrusion
Authors: Reshetov A
Korshunov A
Smolyakov A
Beygelzimer Y
Varyukhin V
Kaganova I
Morozov A
Keywords: Titanium Billets
Twist Extrusion
commercially pure
Warm TE
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Materials Science Forum Vols. 667-669 (2011) pp 851-856
Series/Report no.: Materials Science Forum;Vols. 667-669 (2011) pp 851-856
Abstract: The influence of multipass processing by Twist Extrusion (TE) on distribution of mechanical properties by volume in commercially pure (CP) titanium billets is investigated. Experiments show that the mechanical properties are almost homogeneous in the billet cross-section already after the second pass of TE. This can be explained by mixing effect and saturation of properties as well. Warm TE leads to the formation of high strength properties in combination with high plasticity. Ultimate and yield stresses of the billet processed by two cycles of TE increased, in comparison with initial state, by 30% and 60% respectively. The value of the reduction in area remained at the initial value. This fact is indicating a high technological plasticity of the material, i.e. its ability for further shaping by metal forming methods.
Description: Исследовано влияние многопроходной винтовой экструзии на распределение механических свойств по объему заготовки титанового сплава ВТ1-0. Показано, что уже после второго прохода распределение свойств практически однородное. При этом предел прочности сплава увеличивается на 30%, а предел текучести – на 60%. Относительное сужение при разрыве остается на исходном уровне.
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