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Title: Chemistry in engineering curriculum
Authors: Prisedsky, V.V.
Keywords: fundamental sciences, chemistry
problem solving
engineering education
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: ДВНЗ "ДонНТУ"
Citation: Машиностроение и техносфера XXI века. Сб. трудов XVIII междунар. научно-технич. конф. в г. Севастополе 12-17.09.2011. Донецк: ДонНТУ. – 2011. – Т.4. – С.140-143.
Abstract: At DonSTU the courses in chemistry are in the process of continuing restructuring to meet the changing demands to engineering education. The paper outlines the role of chemistry in rapidly developing modern engineering education and necessity of restructuring its courses. Together with other natural sciences, chemistry constitutes the fundamental scientific core of engineering education and helps to develop in students the scientific method. The leading principles in restructuring are more efficient integration with other sciences, an intensive use of mathematical methods and quantitative approach, focus on developing problem-solving abilities, a strong emphasis on environmental aspects, increasing attention to social aspects of chemistry. The paper provides an example of such approach: a consistent algebraic approach to stoichiometric calculations in chemistry.
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