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Title: Master’s Portal as the Practical Result of Studying Web-technologies
Authors: Minaev, A.
Bashkov, E.
Anopriyenko, A.
Keywords: educational-scientific information resources
master’s portal
studying of web-technologies
Issue Date: 27-Jul-2005
Publisher: Silesian University of Technology. – Gliwice
Citation: Minaev A., Bashkov E., Anopriyenko A. Master’s Portal as the Practical Result of Studying Web-technologies // Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Education ICEE 2005 “Global Education Interlink”, Silesian University of Technology. – Gliwice, 2005, Vol. I. S. 727-732.
Abstract: The DonNTU Master’s portal is one of the most successful university Internet projects not only in Ukraine but also all over the post-Soviet territory. This portal occupies also one of the leading positions among the analogous resources in the English language space (mainly among resources with such key words as "masters portal"). The paper deals with main ideas and implementation features of the project as well as with the outlooks of its application in the educational process.
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