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Title: Developed Algorithm for Increasing the Efficiency of Data Exchange in a Computer Network
Authors: John, S.N.
Anoprijenko, A.J.
Okonigene, R.E.
Keywords: Computer Network
Data Exchange
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: International Journal of Computer Applications
Citation: John S. N., Anoprienko A. J., Okonigene R. E. Developed Algorithm for Increasing the Efficiency of Data Exchange in a Computer Network // International Journal of Computer Applications, 2010. Volume 6. Issue 9. Pages 16-19.
Abstract: This paper presents specialized means to analyze, model and research of data exchange in large-scale corporate computer network. Due to extreme complexity of corporate intranet networks and the internet has resulted in the apparent difficulties in the development of an analytical model. Thus, under these circumstances, simulation models became viable alternative to comprehend the behavior of these complex networks during data exchange. This research work examined the mode of data exchange since its perfection allows in many cases to obtain a considerable improvement of the network and also the network application performance without substantial additional expenditure. Hence, the need for this developed algorithm for increasing the efficiency of data exchange in a computer network and the appropriate topology that suite this case. Test results from the algorithm showed an average of 10 to 15% increase and occasionally 60% and above increase in data exchange efficiency without additional expenses.
ISSN: 09758887
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