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Title: Massive parallel simulation of dynamic systems
Authors: Svjatnyi, V.
Feldmann, L.
Lapko, V.
Anopriyenko, A.
Reuter, A.
Bräunl, T.
Zeitz, M.
Keywords: Continuous systems simulation
massive parallel computing
ordinary differential equations
partial deferential equations
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: Zeszyty naukowe
Citation: Svjatnyi V., Feldmann L., Lapko V., Anopriyenko A., Reuter A., Bräunl T., Zeitz M. Massive parallel simulation of dynamic systems // Zeszyty naukowe. – 1997. – №1. – P. 207-229.
Abstract: This paper considers the parallel simulation of dynamic systems with lumped parameters, where continuous controlled processes are described by ordinary differential equations, and dynamic systems with distributed parameters, where processes are described by partial differential equations. The concept of massive parallel simulation environment with integration of hardware, system software and simulation software which supports all stages of model constructing and simulation is presented. Some parallel algorithms and examples of simulation are described.
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