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Title: Mistake as an anthropological fenomenon
Authors: Моісєєнко, Лариса Миколаївна
Keywords: “medical error”, discourse, anthropology, axiology, person
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: European humanities studies: State and Society 3(I)2019 (Poland-Ukraine)
Citation: MoisieienkoL. Mistake as an anthropological fenomenon.European humanities studies: State and Society 3(I)2019 (Poland-Ukraine). - P 101-114.
Series/Report no.: 3(I)2019;P.101-114.
Abstract: The aim of the work is to study the concept of "medical error" through the prism of philosophical anthropology, to determine the essential and specific features of the concept and its place in medical and legal discourse. The theoretical basis of the work includes a systematic approach in combination with methods of general scientific cognition and special methods (categorical, formal-logical), methods of analysis, comparison, including the means of discursive analytics and general principles of historical and philosophical science. Scientific novelty. The author carried out an essentially meaningful analysis of the concept of "medical error" through the prism of philosophical anthropology, based on the philosophical understanding of life and health as the highest value and public good. The analysis of the "medical error" is carried out in the direction from a general understanding of the phenomenon of "error" as an anthropological phenomenon to its manifestation in the practically-subject field of the medical worker's activity. The subjective and objective components of the concept of "medical error", and certain points that allow to overcome the duality of the concept of "medical error" are analyzed. The impossibility of error-free work of doctors, which is explained by the nature of a person and the specificity of medicine, which deals with the health and life of a person is shown.
ISSN: 2450-6486
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