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Title: Simulation Tools and Services for Mobile Users: History, State-of-the-art and Future
Authors: Anoprijenko, A.
John, S.
Al Ababneh, H.
Keywords: Simulation
Malta plate
Phaistos Disc
Mobile Users
Future of Simulation
Issue Date: 30-Jan-2007
Publisher: Covenant University, Canaan Land, Ota, Nigeria
Citation: Anoprijenko A., John S., Al-Ababneh H. Simulation Tools and Services for Mobile Users: History, State-of-the-art and Future // Proceedings of the International Conference & Workshop on 3G GSM & Mobile Computing: An Emerging Growth Engine for National Development, 29-31 January, 2007. – College of Science and Technology, Covenant University, Canaan Land, Ota, Nigeria. 2007. P. 9-20.
Abstract: One of main ideas of this paper is a hypothesis that the simulation play an essentially more significant role in a human history and culture than it is usually assumed. On some examples it can be demonstrated that modern computational simulation has ancient prototypes and some artefacts can be interpreted as special simulation tools and environments. Intensive development of the Internet infrastructure and modern communications creates today good conditions for effective realization of various web-based simulation services. In our days there are two common ways of development such simulation services. In the first case the system is developing from scratch, so it means that all the modern technologies can be used to gain better results.
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