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Title: Generalized dependences of turbogenerator electromagnetic parameters on saturation
Authors: Sheina, Ganna Oleksandrivna
Keywords: generalized analytical dependence, equivalent circuit parameters, periodic component of the current, threephase sudden short circuit, saturation magnetic flux linkage ways
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: For the first time we obtained generalized analytical dependences of the parameters of equivalent circuits (which take into account different mutual inductive coupling between the windings) of TBB turbogenerators on the initial value of the periodic component of the sudden three phase short circuit current, reflecting the phenomenon of magnetic saturation of flux linkage way. The obtained generalized analytical dependences allow refined calculations of currents in the stator windings and excitation in three-phase short circuit with the influence of saturation magnetic flux linkage way for equivalent circuits, which takes into account the different magnetic connection between the windings
ISSN: 2074-2630
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