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Title: Features of the First-Year Students' Adaptation for Studying at a Technical University in Ukraine
Authors: Моісєєнко, Лариса Миколаївна
Сухобрус, Людмила Станіславівна
Keywords: adaptation, students’ attitude, learning environments, socio-psychological adaptation, didactic adaptation, professional adaptation.
Issue Date: Jul-2015
Publisher: Publisher : Shiny World Corp. Address : 9350 Yonge Street P.O.Box 61533, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 3N0 Canada
Series/Report no.: IntellectualArchive Vol. 4, No. 4, July 2015;с. 79-90
Abstract: The paper analyzes the features of the first-year students' adaptation at a technical university. The author presents materials of empirical research aimed at studying the dynamics of adaptation of students in the university. Particular attention is paid to adaptation of engineering students. The article proves that the college environment and the proper organization of the educational process greatly increase the adaptation of students and their readiness for future professional activities. The data obtained have been used to determine the main directions for work of the tutors of academic groups, for the development of scientific and methodological support for training, educational and extracurricular activities with students of junior courses. The author believes that the optimization of students' adaptation in the learning process is possible if: 1) there is conscious awareness of the importance of freshmen's adaptation; 2) teachers, professors, and senior students provide support in a micro-social student environment; 3) students' communication needs are satisfied (depth, circle of friends, position in the group, exchange of views, search for joint solutions); 4) socio-directed student activities are ensured; 5) subject-subject relations between students and teachers are fully realized.
ISSN: ISSN : 1929-4700
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