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Title: Tools for adaptation of future majored in electromechanics to constantly changing content of experimental research
Authors: Несторук, Наталія Анатоліївна
Зінов'єв, Сергій Миколайович
Keywords: students majored in electromechanics, experimental studies, technical subjects, electro-technical knowledge and skills.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Черкаський національний університет.
Citation: Несторук Н.А. Зинов'єв С.М. Tools for adaptation of future majored in electromechanics to constantly changing content of experimental research // Вісник Черкаського національного університету імені Богдана Хмельницького : Збірник наук. праць. – Випуск № 2.2017. – Черкаси, 2017. – С. 106-110
Abstract: The paper highlights qualitative preparation of students majored in electromechanics to conduct experimental research in studying engineering sciences, which is determined by presence of the basic element – availability of knowledge in electromechanics, gained in studying general technical subjects, that can be shifted onto technical subjects by students majored in electromechanics and use it while studying common electro-mechanical devices when conducting experimental research. The paper presents a summarized structure of knowledge in electromechannics of students, who specialize in the given field, defines its place and role while conducting experimental research in the process of studying technical subjects, specifies the meaning of some notions related to the field of polytechnic training in electromechanical context and emphasizes that one of the basic components of professional training for students majored in electromechanics must be principal polytechnic training that combines common scientific and common technical subjects while the key role is given to electromechanics. One of the main tasks of electrical engineering is to give general knowledge and notions to a future engineer electrician, without which he will not be able to use effectively electromechanical devices necessary to provide reliable and economic operation of various technical facilities in his professional activity. To fulfil professional functions that are connected with installation, repairs and maintenance of complicated equipment, specialists in this field of industry should know not only the basics of operation of electrical mechanical devices, operating rules and repairs procedure, but also know how to analyze different parameters of electromechanical devices, fulfil logical and mathematical processing of instrument readings and signals provided by controlling equipment. According to this, successful mastering of the course in electrical engineering facilitates both deeper learning of other technical courses and qualitative arrangement and conducting experimental studies in the process of learning technical courses.
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