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Название: Unified smart-detector for electrical power smart-grid networks
Авторы: Nikiforov, A.P.
Ключевые слова: relay protection; automatic equipment; smart-grid; structural and information method; structural and linguistic method; technical intelligence; detecting, modelling; transitional process
Дата публикации: 12-мая-2015
Издательство: 13th International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN), Cambridge, UK, pp. 1032-1039, 2015, IEEE Catalog Number: CFP15INI-15, ISBN: 978-1-4799-6648-6/15,
Краткий осмотр (реферат): This article proposes circuit solutions for the creation of electrical power smart-grid networks. The article offers a block diagram of a network, a system of automatic stabilization of the normal mode, and a smart-detector. Circuit decisions work in real time and are capable of becoming unified in branch. It is shown that it is possible to replace known devices and terminals of relay-protection and automatic equipment using a generalized equivalent block diagram. Replacement helps to operate with flows of information in a set of connected management and protection objects, of which it is possible to reduce sites of electric networks for traditional and smart-grid constructions. Replacement allows us to solve problems uniformly with analysis, synthesis, optimization, improvement, training, etc. A theorem confirming replacement is offered. A description is provided of the structural and information method on the basis of which the proposed solutions are given. The method allows people to distinguish semantic situations in dynamic flows of information. Examples of solutions to known smart-grid problems are given with regard to scheduling, compression of information, relay-protection and automatic equipment, self-checking. A way is suggested to ensure stability of modelling of large projects and the representation of the received semantic results.
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