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Title: Моделювання впливу банківського капіталу на економічне зростання
Authors: Катранжи, Леонід Леонідович
Keywords: Bank capital, bank-based financial system, economic growth.
Банківський капітал, банківсько-орієнтована фінансова система, економічне зростання.
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Економіка промисловості
Series/Report no.: № 1-2
Abstract: Problems of formation and functioning of bank capital, in virtue of their importance and actuality, are always in the center of scientists’ attention. Along with it the issue of impact of the bank-based type of financial system, the structure of bank capital and its efficiency on economic growth in general are not fully investigated. Thereby, the aim of this paper is the empiric research of issues mentioned above on the basis of construction and analysis of panel data models. There were constructed the models without effects, with fixed and random effects on the basis of statistical data of 47 countries in 2000-2010. There were shown that fixed effects of different countries are meaningful and reflect the impact of economic growth. It was also found that the closeness of financial system to market-based or bank-based model has no statistically meaningful correlation with economic growth. Increase in concentration of banks equity and intensification of crediting of the economy has positive effect on GDP growth per capita. Analysis of fixed effects led to the conclusion that the rates of economic growth are conditioned by extra factors: the overall level of economic freedom and its individual components, and factors of innovation development. Розглянуто моделювання впливу банківського капіталу на економічне зростання на основі панельних даних. Побудовано моделі без ефектів, з фіксованими та випадковими ефектами на основі статистичних даних 47 країн у період 2000-2010 рр. Показано, що фіксовані ефекти різних країн є значущими і відображають вплив на зростання економіки. Встановлено, що тип фінансової системи не має статистично значущого зв’язку з економічним зростанням.
ISSN: ISSN 1562-109X (Print), ISSN 2306-532X (Online)
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