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Title: Моделирование способов преодоления трудностей в обучении программированию
Authors: Уразаева, Л.Ю.
Дацун, Н.Н.
Keywords: ИТ-образование
трудности обучения
модель метаданных
Issue Date: 9-Jul-2014
Citation: Уразаева Л.Ю., Дацун Н.Н. Моделирование способов преодоления трудностей в обучении программированию // Наукові праці ДонНТУ. Серія “Інформатика, кібернетика та обчислювальна техніка”. - № 1(19)'2014. - Донецьк: ДонНТУ, 2014. - с.144-148.
Series/Report no.: Наукові праці ДонНТУ. Серія “Інформатика, кібернетика та обчислювальна техніка”.;1(19)'2014
Abstract: В данной работе рассматривается задача исследования и формализации исходных данных для построения математической модели по определению оптимальной траектории обучения на основе изучения способности студентов ИТ-направлений подготовки к самостоятельной работе. На основе статистической обработки массовых наблюдений выявлены закономерности, определяющие подходы студентов к решению сложностей в образовательном процессе. По результатам исследований была получена модель метаданных для построения модели нечетких отношений для управления образовательным процессом. Определены критерии, определяющие уровень самостоятельности студентов.
Description: Reduction of staff shortage in the IT-field is an urgent task. Ways to solve it are the focus of the modern information society. Modern conditions impose on the system of higher IT-education increased requirements. Therefore, the study the regularities quality training IT professionals becomes especially important. In this paper we consider the problem of exploration and formalization of the original data to construct a mathematical model to determine the optimal trajectory of learning by studying the ability of students to work independently. The authors conducted a survey of students of IT-specialties. The objectives of the survey are to study their opinions on the difficulties encountered in teaching programming and determining the level of formation of professional autonomy. Author's questionnaire was used in the research. Model of ways to solve educational problems is proposed according to the results of the survey of students in the first and second level education. Ways of overcoming difficulties in learning programming depends on the period of study. Newcomers both levels of education have the same basic settings, which are then modified by adaptation to the reality of teaching. Dependencies between options ways to overcome the difficulties in learning programming defined. Thus, the proposed model shows that the ability of IT-students to solve their problems completely independently using educational resources on the Internet is an indicator of the maturity of professional autonomy. On the basis of statistical processing mass observations revealed regularities determining approaches to solving the difficulties of IT-students in the educational process. According to the research was obtained metadata model for constructing a model of fuzzy relations for the management of the educational process. The criteria the level of autonomy of students determined. The proposed model can be used to individualize the learning process in professional IT-education.
ISSN: 1996-1588
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