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Title: Экспресс-контроль параметров качества питьевой воды
Other Titles: Quick Monitoring of Drinking Water Quality
Authors: Марковский, Ю.Е.
Markovskyy, Yuriy E.
Keywords: качество воды
water quality
питьевая вода
drinking water
контроль качества
quality control
система экспресс-контроля
express control system
состояние водных объектов
condition of water objects
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: ДонНТУ
Citation: Наукові праці Донецького національного технічного університету. Серія: “Обчислювальна техніка та автоматизація”. Випуск 58 — Донецьк: ДонНТУ, 2003.
Abstract: The article is devoted to the problems on drinking water investigations. The author considers the questions, connected with quick monitoring of drinking water parameters, and gives the example of mathematical simulation of the assessment of the condition of water objects. The first part contains the information on analysis of the problem and system requirement settings. The problems of system configuration are also discussed. The recommendations on the choice of system configuration and components are proposed. The final part is devoted to the example of the use of mathematical simulation in the sphere of water monitoring.
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