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Other Titles: Система прямого цифрового керування слідкувального кермового електропривода автономних об'єктів
Direct Digital Control System Of Tracing Steering Electric Drive Of Self-Controlled Objects
Authors: ЛУТАЙ, С.Н.
Keywords: следящий рулевой электропривод
частотные характеристики
оценка частоты входного сигнала
контур коррекции
слідкувальний кермовий електропривод
частотні характеристики
оцінка частоти вхідного сигналу
контур корекцііі
the control steering electric drive
frequency characteristics
an estimation of frequency of an entrance signal
a contour of correction
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: ДонНТУ
Citation: Наукові праці Донецького національного технічного університету. Серія "Електротехніка і енергетика". № 2 (15), 2013 р., 338 с.
Series/Report no.: Электротехника и энергетика;
Abstract: Представлены результаты исследования системы прямого цифрового управления следящего рулевого электропривода с алгоритмами перестройки коэффициента усиления основного контура в функции оценки частоты входного сигнала.
Description: The article describes the results of a study of direct digital control servo steering actuator and algorithms adjustment coeffi the gain of the basic shape of the evaluation function in the frequency of the input signal. The material presented in this paper contains a systematic and well-novelty. Degree of elaboration of themes, caused a deep analysis of statistical data, which suggests the practical importance of the study, which does not cause the comments and style of the material. Taking into account the tasks, the authors propose the actuator control system with the use of adaptive structures, implemented on the basis of microcontroller with putting maximumtion of features for the programuro WenThe importance of this process, due to the severity of the mathematical apparatus, the correctness of the assumptions made in the description of the object of control, the results of mathematical modeling. The validity of research results is consistent and logical formulation of the objectives and research, which are based on a numerical simulation on a PC that representation as LACHH and phase after ducting control electric circuit with the correct frequency, obtained by mathematic modeling tool environment Simulink, which meet the requirements setnym. The paper used bespoiskovyh principles of management systems with reference model, combined with the introduction of combi Roval Control Asked impact condition From the above materials developedtany algorithms based management n1icrocontroller incarnation, whichrye implemented in servo steering electric drive autonomous object.
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