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Title: Aрхітектура експертної системи “аналогія”
Authors: Величко, В.Ю.
Velichko, V.Y.
Москалькова, Н.М.
Moskalkov, N.M.
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: ДонНТУ, ИПИИ «Наука і освіта»
Abstract: In the present paper the expert system Analogy architecture is described. Knowledge base of the system Analogy contains the presentation of structural attributive knowledge model. The dialog system is used to fill up the knowledge base. Block of knowledge base analysis includes the library of knowledge processing operations and module of analogical inference. Knowledge processing operations is a powerful instrumental mechanism for solution of analytical task in discrete environment and have been applied for solving of the composition design task and properties prognoses of the complex objects.
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