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Title: Oбнаружение, классификация и определение параметров объектов заданных границами его особенностей на полутоновом изображении в реальном времени.
Authors: Бовырин, А.В.
Bovyrin, A.V.
Губанов, А.В.
Gubanov, A.V.
Курякин, В.Ф.
Kuryakin, V.F.
Родюшкин, К.В.
Rodyushkin, K.V.
Чудинович, Б.М.
Chudinovich, B.M.
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: ДонНТУ, ИПИИ «Наука і освіта»
Abstract: In this paper we consider algorithms and realization of vector processing of the images on a basis multilevel (on levels of brightness of the grayscale image) analysis on an example of a task of classification and the measurements of parameters of electronic blocks. It consists in construction of the description of object, allocation of areas and/or of borders of object at several levels of the grayscale image and subsequent comparison of the received areas/borders with the description.
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