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Title: Mногослойный анализ фотоизображений: метод, алгоритмы, приложения.
Authors: Бовырин, А.В.
Bovyrin, A.V.
Губанов, А.В.
Gubanov, A.V.
Курякин, В.Ф.
Kuryakin, V.F.
Родюшкин, К.В.
Rodyushkin, K.V.
Чудинович, Б.М.
Chudinovich, B.M.
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: ДонНТУ, ИПИИ «Наука і освіта»
Abstract: In this paper we consider an efficient approach of structural analysis and recognition of the grayscaled and color images. The basis of the approach is very fast algorithm of multilevel vectorization of image [1]. Using rather structural, topological features of contours and interlevel analysis, then metric features we construct stable and fast procedures of recognition for different applications. We describe the approach in details, and explain the source of its efficiency
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