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Title: English for Specific Purposes (ESP) in Ukraine. A Baseline Study
Other Titles: Англійська мова спеціального вжитку в Україні. Допроектне дослідження.
Authors: Astanina N., Bakayeva G., Belyaeva I., Boiko A., Borysenko O., Cherkashina N., Filippova N., Ivanischeva V., Khodtseva A., Klimenko L., Kostrytska S., Kozymyrska T., Ptitsyna T., Shevchenko I., Sydorenko O., Skrypnyk T., Todorova N., Zuyenok I.
Keywords: ESP, CEFR, levels, descriptors, English language learning
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Київ: Ленвіт
Abstract: Through the analysis of the current situation in ESP teaching, learning and assessment in Ukraine, the Baseline Study revealed that the national policy of foreign language teaching/learning has undergone considerable positive changes; however, the learning and teaching of ESP has been given insufficient attention. The Baseline Study stated that the development and introduction of a national ESP curriculum would lead to a significant change in ESP learning and teaching in Ukraine, making it consistent with international standards.
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