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Other Titles: A Method of Analyzing the Influence of Business-intelligence Software on the Enterprise’s Information System Loading
Метод аналізу впливу роботи програмних засобів бізнес-аналітики на завантаження інформаційної системи підприємства
Authors: Воропаева, В.Я.
Шапо, В.Ф.
Voropaeva, V. Y.
Shapo, V. F.
Воропаєва, В. Я.
Keywords: бізнес-аналітика
корпоративна комп’ютерна мережа
пропускна здатність
Business intelligence
Internet channel
corporate computer network
корпоративная компьютерная сеть
пропускная способность
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Донецький національний технічний університет
Citation: Наукові праці Донецького національного технічного університету. Серія: Обчислювальна техніка та автоматизація. Випуск 1 (24). - Донецьк, ДонНТУ, 2013. С - 96-103
Abstract: Предложен метод расчета объема данных, передающихся на сервер бизнес-аналитики по корпоративной компьютерной сети и из территориально-распределенных подразделений предприятия. Проанализированы источники и порядок формирования данных для бизнес- анализа. Получены математические зависимости, позволяющие рассчитать время подготовки данных для бизнес-анализа, время передачи данных для бизнес-анализа по локальной корпоративной компьютерной сети и из территориально-распределенных подразделений предприятия по сети Интернет. Даны рекомендации по выбору пропускной способности сегментов локальной корпоративной компьютерной сети и внешних Интернет-каналов для решения задач бизнес-анализа и определения характеристик сервера бизнес-аналитики.
Description: We analyze various data sources and file types, which have appeared as a result of information technologies development and have been formed by software applications of different generations, activity fields, architectures and developers. We also consider the drawbacks and problems connected with the use of these data and reducing the efficiency of user’s work, computer networks and information systems of enterprises. These problems complicate the development of an enterprise and affect its information security, they may also lead to the growth of financial expences and time losses. We consider the possible ways of their solution and the procedure of generating and preparing data for business analysis. We analyze briefly usinessintelligence software and show its role in providing an enterprise’s efficiency. The introduction of this software implies some extra tasks connected with choosing the performance of server and communication equipment, its loading optimization and optimization of corporate computer network loading. Besides, we performed a brief analysis of current data transmission interfaces, data storage and technologies saving the time of data processing and transmission. The subtasks of the optimal choice of performance and prices of hardware and software licenses are classified. We provide a method of calculating the volumes of data of different kinds and their total volume, transmitted to the business-analytics server through the corporate computer network and from remote departments of the interprise via Internet. We analyzed software applications in the server’s random-access memory and suggested a mathematical correlation for defining its capacity taking into account the number of users, the types and volumes of the data used by them, their work using local networks or connection with remote subdivisions. We analyzed the procedures of preparing data for business-intelligence software system and defined the sequence of fulfilling these procedures. We obtained mathematical dependences, which allow calculating the time of preparing various kinds of data for business analysis (when they are collected from different sources), the time of data transmission through local computer networks and Internet. The paper provides recommendations as for the choice of bandwidths of the segments of local computer networks and external Internet-channels depending upon the type and volume of transmitted data and that will help to solve the tasks of business-analysis.
ISSN: 2075-4272
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