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Title: Fighting Plagiarism: Cultural Patterns and Pedagogical Implications in the EAP/ESP Context
Authors: Todorova, Nataliya
Keywords: EAP, ESP, plagiarism
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Горлівка: Видавництво ГДПІІМ
Series/Report no.: Актуальні проблеми викладання ділової іноземної мови: матеріали 1 міжнародної науково-практичної конференції;
Abstract: The paper is to prove that the skills-based EAP/ESP university course has a significant potential for helping students avoid plagiarism in their assignments. With the overall number of humanities being rather limited in the Ukrainian non-linguistic universities, an ESP course may raise the learners’ general awareness of the causes and features of plagiarism and empower them with the competences and skills to produce the professional discourse in any language of communication.
Description: Статья поднимает проблему плагиата в студенческих письменных работах, рассматривает его причины и возможные стратегии преодоления.
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