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Authors: Кипря, Александр Владимирович
Keywords: поверхность теплопередачи
критериальное уравнение
конечный газовый холодильник
спиральный теплообменник
коэффициент теплопередачи
heat transfer surface
criterial equation
final gas cooler
helical heat exchanger
heat transfer coefficient
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Донецк, ДонНТУ
Series/Report no.: Наукові праці ДонНТУ;Серія: Хімія і хімічна технологія, 2013. - Вип.2(21). - С.150-156
Abstract: Предложена методика расчета спирального конечного газового холодильника на основе опытных данных ПАО «Авдеевский коксохимический завод». Приведены преимущества применения аппаратов данной конструкции.
Description: The design procedure of the helical cooler to refrigerate a coke oven gas before its delivering into the wash-oil scrubbers is suggested. It's noted that the lack of the design procedure of helical type final gas coolers in the national literature causes difficulties in the selection of device. The advantages of the using of this construction devices for the final cooling of coke oven gas, in particular, a large heat-exchange surface with relatively small dimensions of the cooler, a compactness and an easy maintenance, are suggested. It's noted that the lack of a direct contact of the gas with the cooling water allows to avoid the entering of hazardous substances into a water, such as cyanides, rhodanides, phenols, naphthalene, and also to prevent the discharge of them into the environment in case of the cooling of a water on graduation towers. The practicability of the using of this construction devices in terms of the technological and environmental aspects is demonstrated. The structure of the helical type final gas cooler and the architecture of helices are introduced. The example of the final gas cooler designing for the Avdeyevka Coke and Chemical Plant is given. The achieved dimensions and the area of surface-heat transfer are equal to the corresponding parameters of the plant device. It is shown that the designing of the helical type final gas cooler can be made on the basis of generally accepted modern concepts of the heat-transfer process, using the classical similarity theory.
ISSN: 2074-6652
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