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Authors: Ларина, Е.Ю.
Larina, Е.Y.
Keywords: mathematical models
technological process
infringements process
механизм взвешивания
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: ДонНТУ
Citation: Наукові праці Донецького національного технічного університету. Серія: “Обчислювальна техніка та автоматизація”. Випуск 3 — Донецьк: ДонНТУ, 1999
Description: Under ideal conditions of loading - unloading the given mathematical models completely characterize technological process. However, in view of presence, lags, with the subsequent infringement of a work cycle, the models can be used only as reference. The measuring means are necessaty even for duly detection of infringements and acceptance of the decisions. Such means can be gauges of loadings supervising weight of contents, by measurement of reactions in basic designs. As to specify only presence of infringements process unsufficiently control is necessary also.
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