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Title: Parallel fault simulation on multi-core processors
Authors: Иванов, Дмитрий Евгениевич
Keywords: digital circuit
sequential circuit
fault simulation
parallel simulation
multi-core processo
execution thread
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: «Радіоелектронні і комп’ютерні системи»
Citation: D.E. Ivanov Parallel fault simulation on multi-core processors // «Радіоелектронні і комп’ютерні системи», 2009.- №6(40).- С.109-112. (Четвёртая международная научно-техническая конференция «Гарантоспособные» (надёжные и безопасные) системы, сервисы и технологии, Украина, Кировоград, 22-25 апреля, 2009)
Abstract: In this paper we propose a fault simulation algorithm that utilizes all cores in multi-core processors. We adapt for multi-core workstation our early proposed distributed fault simulation algorithm. Proposed algorithm uses multi thread execution. The algorithm is based on the well-known «master-slave» approach in which one thread is nominated as a master and controls the calculation on all the other cores of processor. To maximize utilization of the cores a scheme with static fault list partitioning is used. The speed-up coefficient of the simulation time obtained during machine experiments is up to 3.44 times on the quad core system.
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