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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Archaeosimulation: new sight on ancient society and lessons for computer eraAnopriyenko, A.
2007Bandwidth usage maximization for enhancement of data exchange efficiency in TCP/IP-based networksAnopriyenko, A.; Ababneh, H.; John, S.
2002-08-20Development of Internet Infrastructure for Higher Education in Donetsk Region of the UkraineMinaev, A.; Bashkov, E.; Anopriyenko, A.; Kargin, A.; Teslia, V.; Babasyuk, A.
2004-09-09Early history of simulation in Europe: scale planetariums and astromorphic modelsAnopriyenko, A.
1997-06-01Interpretation of some artifacts as special simulation tools and environmentsAnopriyenko, A.
1997Massive parallel simulation of dynamic systemsSvjatnyi, V.; Feldmann, L.; Lapko, V.; Anopriyenko, A.; Reuter, A.; Bräunl, T.; Zeitz, M.
2005-07-27Master’s Portal as the Practical Result of Studying Web-technologiesMinaev, A.; Bashkov, E.; Anopriyenko, A.
2005-07-27Master’s Portal as the Practical Result of Studying Web-technologies. Presentation.Minaev, A.; Bashkov, E.; Anopriyenko, A.
1999Modeling and Simulation of a Chemical Reactor for the Production of Acetic Acid – III. Dynamic Phase TransitionsWaschler, R.; Kienle, A.; Sviatnyi, S.; Gilles, E.D.; Anopriyenko, A.; Osipova, T.
2013-08-20Postbinary calculations as a machine-assisted realization of real interval calculationsAnopriyenko, A.; Ivanitsa, S.; Hamzah, A.
2013-06-10Software Implementation of Real Number Conversion into Basic Positional Notations with Controlled AccuracyAnopriyenko, A.; Ivanitsa, S.; Kulibaba, S.
1997-08-27Tetralogic and tetracodes: an effective method for information codingAnopriyenko, A.
2007-01-30University and Revolution in Communications and Computing: Experience of Donetsk National Technical UniversityAnopriyenko, A.; Bashkov, E.; Minaev, A.
2003-09-18Web-basierte Simulationsumgebung mit DIVA-Serverkomponente für komplexe verfahrenstechnische ProduktionsanlagenAnopriyenko, A.; Potapenko, V.
2002Zur Entwicklung des Trainingssimulators einer großchemischen AnlageGilles, E.-D.; Kienle, A.; Waschler, R.; Sviatnyi, V.; Anopriyenko, A.; Potapenko, V.