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Title: Kontinuierlich-ereignisdiskrete Prozessmodelle für die Simulationsumgebung DiVA
Authors: Köhler, R.
Küpper, S.
Zeitz, M.
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Донецький національний технічний університет
Citation: Наукові праці Донецького національного технічного університету. Серiя «Проблеми моделювання та автоматизації проектування» (МАП-2001). Випуск: 29 - Донецьк: ДонНТУ. - 2001. – 370 с.
Series/Report no.: Проблеми моделювання та автоматизації проектування;
Abstract: Most simulation modeis ofchemical processes describe time continuous systems. But in practice, one often encounters discontinuities which arisefor instance at the transition of laminar to turbulent flow or at the phase transitions of a material mixture. Also interventions, due to process control may lead to discontinuities. For the resulting continuouslime/ discrete-event process models, a special treatment is required that detects the discrete event times at which discontinuities are initiated. The event handling is iwcessary for steering of the numerical routines. This contribution describes the mathematical representation ofcontinuoustime/ discrete-event differential algebraic process models in the model library of the simulation environment DlVA. Moreover, the event handling in Dtv,\ as well as the automatic code generation ofcontinuous-time/discrete-event simulation modelsfor Dn>A are presented.
ISSN: 2074-7888
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