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dc.contributor.authorСахно, Іван Георгійович-
dc.contributor.authorІсаєнков, Олександр Олександрович-
dc.identifier.citationOchrona wyrobisk utrzymywanych w strefie skał spękanych w ukraińskich kopalniach węgla kamiennego / S. Rodzin, I. Sakhno, А. Isayenkow, K. Ostrowski // Przegląd Górniczy. – 2016. – № 9. – pp. 78–83.uk_UK
dc.description.abstractThe most important task challenging the Ukraine’s coal industry has always been to secure the operational state of mine workings and increasing their reliability. The aim of the research presented in this paper is to study the changes in geomechanical environment conditions around the excavation and to determine the impact of reinforced zone parameters on the excavation stability. The research was carried out on the basis of the structure-elements method. The results of simulation proved that in the case of creating a reinforced area in the form of a triangular prism with its vertex oriented to the soil, the best effect of reduction in displacements of rocks towards the cavity is achieved. As a result of the experiment, the volume of soil rocks extruded into the cavity decreased more than twice and the soil displacement decreased by 32%, which testifies to the effectiveness of the method of reinforcing rocksuk_UK
dc.publisherPrzegląd Górniczyuk_UK
dc.subjectstability of excavationsuk_UK
dc.subjectfloor heavinguk_UK
dc.titleOchrona wyrobisk utrzymywanych w strefie skał spękanych w ukraińskich kopalniach węgla kamiennegouk_UK
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