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Title: Improving the efficiency of the dry coke quenching installation due to perfection of the distribution of cooling gas
Authors: Golubev, A. V.
Toporov, A. A.
Zbikovski, E. I.
Alekseeva, O.E.
Parfenyuk, A. S.
Keywords: dry coke quenching
distributing device
coolant gas
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: Донецький національний технічний університет
Citation: Всеукраїнський науковий збірник
Series/Report no.: Машинобудування і машинознавство;№1(12)
Abstract: An essential shortcoming of industrial dry coke-quenching installations is the presence of stagnation zones. That leads to magnification of capital outlays and losses of coke due to its partial gasification. It is offered to design a new chamber for the dry coke-quenching installation. Feed of coolant gas should be carried out through uniform channels over the cross-section chambers. Sizes of the channels should be small in comparison with the cross sizes of the quenching chamber. A study of these devices was conducted on cold physical models. The study results show that under gas withdrawal through peripheral channels decrease of a cone wind proof in the chamber central part is by approximately 30 %. Besides, this allows to provide uniform distribution of coolant gas over the quenching chamber volume. If the above advice distributing devices are implemented the coke motion is insured to be close to the ideal displacement mode.
ISSN: 2308-51312
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