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Title: N гидроксифталимида перманганатом калия в нейтральной среде
Authors: Опейда, Л.И.
Матвиенко, А.Г.
Симонов, М.А.
Keywords: реакции окисления-восстановления
перманганат калия
фталимид-N-оксильный радикал
N hydroxyphtalimide
potassium permanganate
phthalimide-N-oxyl radical
oxidation-reduction reaction
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Наукові праці ДонНТУ. Серія: Хімія і хімічна технологія. - 2014. - Вип. 2(23). - С. 104-110
Abstract: Спектрофотометрическим методом исследована кинетика окисления N гидроксифталимида перманганатом калия в водных растворах. Установлены особенности протекания этой реакции, предложено схему процесса.
Description: N-hydroxyphthalimide (NHPI) is used as a catalyst for many radical chain reactions. The efficiency of its catalysis in oxidation increases significantly when used in conjunction with various cocatalysts, in particular - compounds containing manganese varying degrees of oxidation. Therefore, when choosing the optimum conditions of the catalytic process (solvent and a metal salt properties) is important to study the stability of N-hydroxyphthalimide in the presence of transition metal ions, especially potassium permanganate. In this paper the oxidation of N-hydroxyphthalimide potassium permanganate in neutral aqueous solutions was studied. It is shown that KMnO4 relatively easily reduced N hydroxyphthalimide. In a neutral solution in the initial period of the reaction, a sharp decrease in the concentration of permanganate ion (purple color of the reaction mixture turns brown). Then the picture changes. Clarification of the solution occurs slowly over a long period of time, and then the mixture was decolorized with precipitation of a brown sludge (MnO2). Based on the obtained data, using the results of determining the stoichiometry the reaction equation were proposed. It was shown the possibility of participating N-oxyl radical (PINO) in the reaction as intermediate particles and presented equation of the process leading to PINO. On the basis of the obtained data, it was concluded that the mechanism of the process involving N-hydroxyphtalimide in neutral aqueous media depends on the ratio of KMnO4 / NHPI is a set of successive stages of oxidation - reduction which may be involved as primary oxidation products PINO and permanganate reduction products.
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