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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-12Determination des parametres optimaux du complexe de drageuse-suseuse d’airlift pour l'extraction mineraux utiles du fond du bassinsKozirjatsky, L.; Yatsenko, A.; Prishchenko, V.; Козиряцький, Л.М.; Яценко, О.Ф.; Прищенко, В.А.; Kozirjatsky, L.; Yatsenko, A.; Prischenko, V.
2011Determination of continuously casting blooms at the stage of incomplete crystallization in crossed profiled rollsSmirnov E.N.; Smirnov A.N.; Mazyr I.P.; Sklyar V.A.; Zhoga A.Y.
2015Determination of electromagnetic parameters of the excitation winding and damper systemSheina, Ganna Oleksandrivna; Kollarov, Oleksandr Yuriyovych
2014-07-08The determination of indicators of the physical health of students on the basis of physical capacity, aerobic and anaerobic productivity of the body.Серорез, Татьяна Борисовна
2000Determination of the Critical Parameters of a Classical One-Component System with Model Interaction PotentialLoktionov, I. K.
2009-06-15Determination of the optimal pure strategies subset as the latent predominance set in some matrix gamesRomanuke, V. V.
2011Determination technological capabilities of new processes in deformation of continuously cast blooms of at the end of solidificationMynayev A.A.; Smirnov E.N.; Mazyr I.P.; Snitko S.A.; Zhoga A.Y.
2010Developed Algorithm for Increasing the Efficiency of Data Exchange in a Computer NetworkJohn, S.N.; Anoprijenko, A.J.; Okonigene, R.E.
2005Developing Intercultural Sensitivity for Successful International CareersTodorova, Nataliya
2012-02Development model of an adaptive control system for reheating furnaceGavrilenko, B.; Skorobogatova, I.; Гавриленко, Б.В.; Скоробогатова, І.В.
2005Development of a new method of inflammation preventionBulgakov Y.; Moroz O.; Kavera A.; Gorbylyova E.; Borshch I.
2009-11Development of a simulation environment of granular materialsRudchenko, I.V.
2012Development of an Algorithm for Searching Railroad Routes to Ensure Arrival at the Specified TimeZeleneva, Irina; Zhevzhyk, Sergii; Grynevych, Iryna; ГРИНЕВИЧ, І.Є.; ГРИНЕВИЧ, И.Е.; ЖЕВЖИК, С.Е.; ЖЕВЖИК, С.Є.; ЗЕЛЕНЬОВА, I.Я.; ЗЕЛЕНЁВА, И.Я.
2002-08-20Development of Internet Infrastructure for Higher Education in Donetsk Region of the UkraineMinaev, A.; Bashkov, E.; Anopriyenko, A.; Kargin, A.; Teslia, V.; Babasyuk, A.
2012Development of new vector operations in PROMOTShcherbakov, O.
2007-09Development of Principles of Technological Process Control of High Quality Metals and Alloys Melting by Method of Chamber Electroslag Remelting(ChESR)Ryabtsev, A.D.; Troyansky, A.A.; Pashynskyy, V.V
2011DEVELOPPEMENT DE LA COOPERATION SCIENTIFIQUE ET TECHNIQUE ENTRE LE DEPARTEMENT ELECTROTECHNIQUE DE L’UNIVERSITE NATIONALE TECHNIQUE DE DONETSK ET LES ETABLISSEMENTS D’ENSEIGNEMENT SUPERIEUR DE LA FRANCEБорисенко, Володимир Пилипович; Енафф, Патрік; Алайлі, Ясер; Монаселлі, Ерік; Хоменко, В'ячеслав Миколайович; Мельник, Артем Анатолійович; Левшов, Олександр Васильович; Гребченко, Микола Васильович; Толочко, Ольга Іванівна
2013-06Détermination des facteurs importants qui influent sur l’efficacité d'exhaure de mineMalejev, V.; Morgounov, V.; Martsic, T.; Малєєв, В.; Моргунов, В.; Марціс, Т.
2013-06Détermination du coefficient d’éjection de l’eau – air éjecteurYatsenko, A.; Kozyryatsky, L.; Яценко, О.Ф.; Козиряцький, Л.М.; Yatsenko, A.; Kozyryatskiy, L.