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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Editorial: Ideology, general pragmatic direction and subject matter of a special IAHE series of international conferences, ‘Hydrogen Economy and Hydrogen Treatment of Materials’ (HTM–Conferences, Donetsk, Ukraine)Goltsov, V.A. Гольцов, В.А.
2008The hydrogen materials community: its history and current status in the World Hydrogen MovementGoltsov, V.A. Гольцов, В.А.; Goltsova, L.F. Гольцова, Л.Ф.
2008Hydrogen-induced diffusion phase transformations in Nd2Fe14B and Sm2Fe17 magnetically hard alloysGoltsov, V.A. Гольцов, В.А.; Dodonova, O.V. Додонова, Е.В.; Rybalka, S.B. Рыбалка, С.Б.; Volkov, O.F. Волков, А.Ф.
2009The kinetics of hydrogen-induced diffusive phase transformations in Sm2Fe17 alloysGoltsov, V.A. Гольцов, В.А.; Dodonova, E.V. Додонова, Е.В.; Rybalka, S.B. Рыбалка, С.Б.
2008The mathematical modelling of the hydroelastic effect of slowing down of the diffusion processes in metal-hydrogen systemsGlukhova, Zh.L. Глухова, Ж.Л.; Goltsov, V.A. Гольцов, В.А.; Schegoleva, T.A. Щеголева, Т.А.; Lyubimenko, E.N. Любименко, Е.Н.; Kotelva, R.V. Котелька, Р.В.
2008Memorandum on a novel IAHE conception of a hydrogen civilisation of the future: historical aspects and the new challenges of the present dayGoltsov, V.A. Гольцов, В.А.
2010Sustainable Human Future, Hydrogen CivilizationGoltsov, V.A. Гольцов, В.А.