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Title: Evolutionary test generation methods for digital devices
Authors: Skobtsov, Yuriy
Skobtsov, Vadim
Keywords: digital devices
genetic algorithm
test generation
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Citation: In: Design of digital systems and devices (eds. M.Adamski et al.). – Berlin Heidelberg: Springer Verlag. - Lecture notes in electrical engineering, 2011, vol. 79, - p.331-361
Series/Report no.: Lecture notes in electrical engineering;vol. 79
Abstract: In this chapter, we will discuss how evolutionary methods can be used for test generation of digital circuits.There is presented test generation genetic algorithms for combinational circuits.The evolutionary methods of test generation for sequential circuits are described.Distributed test generation methods are presented.Hierarchical genetic algorithm of test generation for highly sequential circuitsis proposed. Genetic programming in test generation of microprocessor systems is used.
Description: This paper presents new perspective approach to DS test generation that is based on using evolutionary algorithms and hierarchical solution. It was shown that given approach could be effectively applied to test generation at basic DS re-presentation levels:FSM and structural, for highly sequential circuits, 2-levels hie-rarchical genetic algorithm is applicable;MS level – GP-based approach is applied.
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