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Title: Об устойчивости пород кровли угольного пласта при действии ударных нагрузок
Authors: Чепига, Д.А.
Подкопаев, С.В.
Иорданов, И.В.
Довгаль, В.Ю.
Король, А.В.
Keywords: filling mass
coarseness of grading
coal vein
seam roof
beam deflection
Issue Date: May-2018
Publisher: Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "International Trends in Science and Technology", Warsaw, Poland
Abstract: As a result of the impact loads, flexural deformations occur in the lateral rocks of the roof of the coal seam. The use of a goaf stowing as a way to control the roof in the cleaning face improves the condition of the lateral rocks with certain parameters of a compliant support - the filling massif. The coarseness of grading of the filling mass and its bulk density determine the dissipative properties of the compliant support. The stability of the roofing rocks of the developed coal seam, with its support by the filling massif, as a result of the collapse of the stratified strata, depends on the stiffness of the filling massif. The probability of destruction of the roof rocks under shock loads is greater if a more rigid base is used to support it, which has the maximum bulk density and minimum cavitation.
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