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Title: Simulation of Separation Processes and Dewatering of Coal
Authors: О.I. Nazymko
A.N. Corchevsky
Y.A. Rozanov
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Proceedings of XVII International Congress of Coal Preparation
Series/Report no.: Proceedings of XVII International Congress of Coal Preparation;Turkey. – 2013. – Р. 793-798
Abstract: The paper consists of the results of computer simulation phase’s interaction kinetics during some mineral processes. The basics of numerical method are presented. The simulation of elementary act of air bubble and coal particle interaction showed the trajectories of elements when the angle of attachment was different. The critical mean of the attachment angle for floating complex existence was determined. Slime coal sediments dewatering during filtration was simulation too. Some sediments structure was considered. It has been showed the positive influence of quick shear for water removing velocity increasing. Simulation of dry separation had show the influence of dilation of the particle’s layers in separator’s working space upon the efficiency of separation.
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