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Other Titles: Measuring of Metrology Descriptions of Aerophare Control Devices
Радиометрическая система для измерения толщины стенки обтекателей на рабочем месте при их механической обработке. Измерение метрологических характеристик радиометрических приборов контроля
Authors: Куценко, В. П.
Яненко, О.П.
Kutsenko, V.P.
Yanenko, O.P.
Keywords: образцовый генератор
электромагнитный шум
exemplary generator
electromagnetic noise
зразковий генератор
електромагнітний шум
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Донецький національний технічний університет
Citation: Наукові праці Донецького національного технічного університету. Серія: Обчислювальна техніка та автоматизація. Випуск 2 (25). - Донецьк, ДонНТУ, 2013. С - 232-238
Abstract: Для метрологічного забезпечення радіометричних приладів контролю розроблений зразковий генератор НВЧ-діапазона з тепловим джерелом електромагнітного шуму. З його допомогою розраховані частотна залежність, щільність ймовірності та параметри розподілу результатів вимірювань чутливості радіометра.
Description: For metrology of radiometric devices we developed a SHF generator with a heat source of electromagnetic noise. It helped to calculate frequency dependence, probability density and parameters of radiometer sensitivity measurement results distribution. Development of highly sensitive aerophare devices of control needs in the presence of exemplary generators of noise. This question is sharply put at control of properties of technological wares due to measuring of their own radiations of low intensity in OHF-diapazone with the use of the unstandardized aerophare apparatus. One of the basic requirements, produced to it, there is measuring of these radiations intensity of which is 10-13...10-14 W, and registration them is a difficult enough task. For diminishing of size of error at the metrology providing of the developed aerophare devices of control with the use of method of substitution development is needed exemplary the generator of noise of OHF-diapazona with the more best descriptions what the known standard generators. The method of measuring of metrology descriptions of aerophare devices of control and treatment of results of measurings is considered in the article. Were metrology descriptions of aerophare device of control measured by the developed exemplary generator of noise with the maximal level of spectral closeness of power of noise on his output 4,5􀀀10-21Wt/G, that does correspond integral power in the bar of analysable frequencies 4,5 10-13 Wt. Frequency dependences of output signals of radiometer are taken off on a power-level entrance signal, the fluctuation threshold of his sensitiveness, which made 2 10-14Wt, is certain. Treatment of results of measurings is produced. Calculations rotined that an error increased with diminishing of level of entrance power, but 10% does not excel. The results of the conducted measurings are up-diffused in obedience to a normal law. With the purpose of increase of exactness of measurings of metrology descriptions of aerophare devices of control for the levels of power near the threshold of their sensitiveness it is recommended to conduct them no less than 20 times and use the computer methods of treatment of information.
ISSN: 2075-4272
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