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dc.contributor.authorДъяченко, Н.А.-
dc.contributor.authorПанова, Е.А.-
dc.contributor.authorПривалов, В.А.-
dc.description.abstractBased on the geoinformation system approach the mapping of tectonic patterns within the Lwiv-Volyn Basin coal has been carried out. The spatial model for tectonic structures combined with palaestress analysis has been used to characterise the origin of tectonic zones. The obtained results demonstrate that the majority of faults in the sedimentary carapace can be considered R1, R2 and P-wrench faults and their clock-wise rotated imprints were developed under the NW striking basement dextral shear zone which was reactivated due to the N-S orientation of compression axis.en_US
dc.titleАнализ тектонической нарушенности во Львовско-Волынском бассейне с использованием геоинформационных технологийen_US
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